Here there is so much beauty. Outside, the open fields. Inside, a big kitchen from which to watch them, chalking up daily actions. The landscape can change; the kitchen is that of our lives. It is our steps that echo and trace family paths, moving from one floor to the next, setting the table with scents. Tonight it will be crowded, Dolcevita. We will await the break of dawn.

4 taste areas. 4 distinctive characteristics. 4 moods.

Dolcevita makes the difference. A new communicative orientation for an easy and upfront reading of the product. New are both the division based on characteristics and the rearrangement into four collections according to harmony, harmonious color similarity, and design.

Irresistible, original, and smart kitchens: in one version after another, they offer their best.

The contemporary kitchen is an ever more globalized environment while the demands to be met are getting more and more “local”. The areas of taste and areas of sensibility are differentiated. Dolcevita seeks precisely to meet the different demands of different markets. While the functional performances it offers avail of the latest technological innovation across the board, the Dolcevita design splits in four and takes on four clearly identified distinctive characteristics. International, the simplest, with sober refinement, but imposing; Elegance entirely worthy of its name; Classic that goes back to the tradition of beauty and solidity and Decor – the richest and most sumptuous. Because Dolcevita is growing.


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